Student Fees

Student Fees:

Annual fees for this program will be $14,394 for the 2019-2020 academic year+*, these fees are based on similarly structured online Master’s programs at UCI. Please note that this program has a different fee structure than other UC programs due to the unique nature of the program and its associated technology costs.*

UC Irvine bills for fees each quarter. The total degree program will be approximately $4,798 per quarter for the 2019-2020 academic year. You are expected to take and complete two online courses each quarter during fall (September-December), winter (January-March), spring (March-June), and a one week on campus face-to-face introductory course in September before the fall quarter begins. Currently, there is no additional charge for out-of-state students.
*As such, your MLFP fees do not include certain fees that may be included in other UCI graduate academic program fees. For example, the fees you pay neither include nor provide for University services related to the UCI Career Center, Anteater Recreation Center, Associated Graduate Students (AGS), UCI Student Center, Bren Events Center, and the Graduate Student Health Insurance Program (GSHIP). Consequently, these services and programs will not be available to you.

* This program is a self-supporting degree program, and certain fee waivers traditionally accepted by the University of California may, or may not, be accepted. For example, STUDENTS ENROLLING IN THIS PROGRAM CANNOT USE CAL VET TUITION/FEE EXEMPTIONS; THIS PROGAM IS NOT SUPPORTED WITH STATE FUNDS AND IS NOT SUBJECT TO THE STATE LAW REGARDING CAL VET TUITION/FEE EXEMPTIONS. Please contact our Assistant Graduate Director, Irice Castro at 949-824-1874 for more information.

+* Program fees subject to change for the 2020-2021 academic year.